Yvonne Dunne Photography | SILVER WEDDING PACKAGE

Yvonne Dunne Photography - Wedding Packages


This is the perfect package for you, if your need is just for photo's at the Church or Wedding Venue.
We'll meet you there and be ready to photograph your arrival, having already taken some photo's of your guests as they arrive.
Staying with you for the Ceremony, we'll be able to capture that perfect record of the all important part of the day ensuring that those unforgettable moments will remain unforgettable.
Once the Ceremony is complete, we'll move to where we can take the traditional poses, not forgetting that we'll have two camera's so we can make sure that we also snap your guests in those informal moments as they look on.

Over the years we have become adept at blending and being non intrusive so we can really get those moments.


Our SILVER PACKAGE really is the perfect package for those who are on a budget,
or are just wanting the minimum, but without compromising on quality.  
We'll make sure that your unforgettable day will remain unforgettable and you'll have
memories to treasure forever at a price that will not hit your pocket. 

SILVER PACKAGE Cost...... £499.00

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