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Wedding Packages

How many times have you heard a Bride and Groom say the day went so quick it is just a blur?
Wouldn't it be nice to have the day really captured, and not just the traditional poses?
When we do a Wedding, we shoot it with two cameras (some photographers charge extra for this) which means that there is a greater chance of us catching that unforgettable photograph.
We make a point of catching you and your guests in those off guard moments and give you photo's that truly reflect the joy of the day.
Below are listed our standard packages, but before you read on, just to say that we realise that your Wedding is a very individual thing, so if your needs do not fit in with our packages, give us a call and let's have an informal chat.  For the sake of a phone call or better still a cup of coffee, you have nothing to lose.
We'd love to meet up over coffee and see how we can make your day TRULY UNFORGETTABLE.

All of our packages include the following.......

  • A disk with all your images on it, that you can pass around, or take to your own photo print shop.
  • A slide show set to music.
  • Access to a private online gallery, which also gives you and your chosen guests an opportunity to buy a fantastic range of products, including of course high quality prints.
  • Pre wedding Meet Up

Our packages start at just £499 for the Silver Package, click on each of the
links below to see what each package covers and the cost that is involved.